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Updated: 18 NOV 2019

 CAD-Approved HAFFA DGA Self-Study Scheme


  • Organizer and Enquiry

Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Ltd (HAFFA)

Secretariat Office

Address:           8/F, China Hong Kong Centre, 122-126 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN

Telephone:       2796 3121  

Email:              training@haffa.com.hk

  • Format of Examination

Open-notes Exam, 20 multiple choice questions (1 out of 4 options), passing rate is 80%

  • Medium of Questions

English and Chinese for all Exam questions. 

  • Duration

Total: 45minutes --> 30 minutes for Exam and the first 15 minutes for registration and paper distribution. 

  • Venue

HAFFA Conference Room/TST

  • Subsidy

Applicant successfully applied the subsidy under Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF), please refer to Examination Fee below for details.


Copyright warning:

ONLY the Original HAFFA DGA Self-Study Manual is allowed for participant to bring into the Exam venue for the Open-notes Exam.

Photocopy is strictly prohibited and would result in immediate request of the participant to purchase a new and original copy of HAFFA DGA Self-Study Manual before the start of Exam. 

Please note that the previous edition (Year 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017 edition) had been stopped for use with immediate effect. For all DGA Self Study Exam in year 2019 , only the new version (Year 2019 edition) and Addendum (if applicable) will be allowed. 


 Extended Privilege: Non-HAFFA members to be referred by HAFFA members can also enjoy member’s price for all HAFFA training courses!


Considering it is also important for your customers (i.e. shippers or co-loaders) to take proper training in order to ensure that they have knowledge and abilities to comply with prevailing regulations for handling DG, we are delighted to extend the privilege to Members’ customers. That said, non-HAFFA members to be referred by you can also enjoy Member’s price for all HAFFA training courses. Apart from helping to enhance safety in air cargo transport, trust that this extended privilege can be conducive to building up a good relationship with your customers and prestige of being HAFFA Members. Therefore, Members are highly encouraged to refer your customers to take the HAFFA courses. 

To enjoy the benefit, business partner of HAFFA member require following the steps below:

(Attention to business partner of HAFFA member) If you being a Non-HAFFA Member will join any HAFFA course because of our Members’ referral, you may enjoy HAFFA Member price. You’re required to first send us the application form by email to training@haffa.com.hk and in the cover message please cc your email contact of HAFFA Member in order to enjoy this privilege. After receiving our email confirmation, please mail original enrolment form and payment (by cheque) to HAFFA.


  • Exam Schedule 考試時間表
    2019 - 2020

Exam Code




Enrollment Status


 - 1213A 13 Dec 2019 (Fri)  10:15-11:00 a.m.  29 Nov 2019 (Fri)  Available


 - 1230P 30 Dec 2019 (Mon)  17:00-17:45 p.m.  16 Dec 2019 (Mon)  Available


0109A 9 JAN 2020 (THU)  10:15-11:00 a.m.27 DEC 2019 (FRI)  Available 


0204A 4 FEB 2020 (TUE)  10:15-11:00 a.m.21 JAN 2020 (TUE)  Not Open for Registration


0217P 17 FEB 2020 (MON)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 3 FEB 2020 (MON)  Not Open for Registration


0309A 9 MAR 2020 (MON)  10:15-11:00 a.m.24 FEB 2020 (MON)  Not Open for Registration


0327P 27 MAR 2020 (FRI)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 13 MAR 2020 (FRI)  Not Open for Registration


0407A 7 APR 2020 (TUE)  10:15-11:00 a.m.24 MAR 2020 (TUE)  Not Open for Registration


0424P 24 APR 2020 (FRI) 17:00-17:45 p.m.  9 APR 2020(FRI) Not Open for Registration


0507P 7 MAY 2020 (THU)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 23 APR 2020 (THU) Not Open for Registration


0518A 18 MAY 2020 (MON)  10:15-11:00 a.m.4 MAY 2020 (MON)  Not Open for Registration


0611P 11 JUN 2020 (THU)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 28 MAY 2020 (THU)  Not Open for Registration


0629A 29 JUN 2020 (MON)  10:15-11:00 a.m.15 JUN 2020 (MON)  Not Open for Registration


0717P 17 JUL 2020 (FRI)  17:00-17:45 p.m.  3 JUL 2020(FRI)  Not Open for Registration


0730A 30 JUL 2020 (THU)  10:15-11:00 a.m.16 JUL 2020 (THU)  Not Open for Registration


0813A 13 AUG 2020 (THU)  10:15-11:00 a.m.30 JUL 2020 (THU)  Not Open for Registration


0828P 28 AUG 2020 (FRI)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 14 AUG 2020 (FRI)  Not Open for Registration


0910A 10 SEP 2020 (THU)  10:15-11:00 a.m.27 AUG 2020 (THU)  Not Open for Registration


0925P 25 SEP 2020 (FRI)  17:00-17:45 p.m.  11 SEP 2020 (FRI)  Not Open for Registration


1008A 8 OCT 2020 (THU)  10:15-11:00 a.m.24 SEP 2020 (THU)  Not Open for Registration


1028P 28 OCT 2020 (WED)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 14 OCT 2020 (WED)  Not Open for Registration


1110A 10 NOV 2020 (TUE)  10:15-11:00 a.m.27 NOV 2020 (TUE)  Not Open for Registration


1126P 26 NOV 2020 (THU)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 12 NOV 2020 (THU)  Not Open for Registration


1211P 11 DEC 2020 (FRI)  17:00-17:45 p.m. 27 NOV 2020 (FRI)  Not Open for Registration


1229A 29 DEC 2020 (TUE)  10:15-11:00 a.m.15 DEC 2020(TUE)  Not Open for Registration


* Enrolment status will be updated on a weekly basis, if possible. 報名狀況在可能情況下會每星期更新
Status will be shown either in one of the following code:
“Available” (
現正接受報名), “Full” (額滿), “Closed Registration” (截止報名), “Not Open for Registration” (尚未開始報名) or“Cancelled” (取消).



  • Examination Fee (Calculated based on one person)#

         DGA Self-study Manual is NOT inclusive in this fee. Candidates are advised to purchase the DGA Self-study Manual separately and arrange the collection(s) at HAFFA Office, before the Exam date.


HAFFA Member (HK$)

Non-Member (HK$)

Original Price:



MATF Subsidy#
(Application only by individuals)

Up to $92
(After Subsidy -
Least Amount: $

Up to $132
(After Subsidy -
Least Amount: $

# For details: http://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Education/Subsidy.aspx


  • Examination Fee (with Bulk Purchase option offered)

DGA Self-study Manual is NOT inclusive in this fee. Candidates are advised to purchase the DGA Self-study Manual separately and arrange the collection(s) at HAFFA Office, before the Exam date.

Range of





Bulk Purchase


Bulk Purchase


$115.0 @





$115.0 @

5% off
(i.e. $109 @)


5% off
(i.e. $156 @)


$115.0 @

7.5% off
(i.e. $106 @)


7.5% off
(i.e. $152 @)


$115.0 @

10% off
(i.e. $103 @)


10% off
(i.e. $148 @)


$115.0 @

12.5% off
(i.e. $100 @)


12.5% off
(i.e. $144 @)


$115.0 @

15% off
(i.e. $97 @)


15% off
(i.e. 140 @)

Remarks: The above prices are not applicable to in-house arrangement.


  • Examination Fee for In-house exam:

Negotiable and subject to separate charging scheme, please contact HAFFA directly for details.  

  • Application Form

[Download here]

  • Certificate

-        Candidate who has passed the Exam (Passing rate: 80%) will be awarded a certificate to be issued by HAFFA.

-        Need to renew this certificate by taking another refresher exam within two years from the date of examination so as to keep DGA knowledge up-to-date.

-        The Association’s decision on the Exam results shall be final and will be conveyed by email to the candidate.

-        If fail the Exam, candidate should register with HAFFA to arrange another Exam in the coming available slot at a fee.

-        Information of the successful participants who pass the Exam may be filed by HAFFA to the CAD for permanent record, as per CAD’s request from time to time. 

  • Application Procedures

(a)      Applicant may download the enrollment form and submit with original signature together with cheque payment made payable to “HAFFA” (please write down your name and exam code on the back of the cheque).

(b)      Letter of Acceptance with Exam arrangement details will be sent out by EMAIL Only either within 3 working days after the enrolment deadline, or once the Exam session is full before the enrollment deadline. Please do not call the Secretariat before that day. Should you do not receive by then, please contact the HAFFA Secretariat immediately before the date of Exam. Otherwise, we assume you have received it and NO re-exam will be arranged for any absentee in this case. 

  • Exam Regulations

Reporting to Exam Centre

(a)      Candidates must report to the invigilator in the Exam centre in good time. No extra time for the Exam will be allowed for those who come late.
(b)      Candidates who are late for more than 15 minutes will not be allowed to take the Exam.
(c)       Candidates reporting for the Exam must bring along their Hong Kong Identity Cards and the Letter of Acceptance. Candidate may be denied entrance to the examination room if they fail to bring their ID cards and letter of acceptance OR if the validity of their ID is in question. 

Conduct the Exam

ONLY the Original HAFFA DGA Self-Study Manual is allowed for participant to bring into the Exam venue for the Open-notes Exam.

Photocopy is strictly prohibited and would result in immediate request of the participant to purchase a new and original copy of HAFFA DGA Self-Study Manual before the start of Exam. Candidates can use the CURRENT version of IATA DGR Manual as a substitute.

(a)      Candidates should bring along his/her own writing instruments.
(b)      Candidates are NOT permitted to remove Exam papers from the Exam centre.
(c)       No candidates will be permitted to leave the Exam centre without the permission of the invigilator. A candidate who leaves the Exam centre without permission before the end of the Exam will NOT be permitted to re-enter the Exam centre and be totally disqualified the Exam.
(d)      Candidates must not speak or communicate with one another during the Exam.
(e)      Candidates found guilty of dishonest conduct will be instructed to leave the Exam centre immediately and be totally disqualified Exam. 

  • Remarks:

(a)      The date & time of receipt of the application by the HAFFA Secretariat will be taken as the official date & time of application.
(b)      Application is subject to HAFFA’s approval. HAFFA reserves the right to reject any application in any circumstances and for whatever reasons. Submission of the enrollment form and cheque should NOT be construed as acceptance of admission.
(c)       Cheques are subject to bank clearance and receipts will then be issued.
(d)      Fax and e-mail registration are acceptable.
(e)      HAFFA reserves the right to cancel any of the classes above if there is insufficient enrolment or unforeseen difficulties arising from mounting the class(es).
(f)        HAFFA reserves the right to cancel the Exams or make alterations regarding the application procedures, Exam regulations, the time, and the place of Exam at any time and without prior notice if it so deems necessary. Those who would be affected by cancellation will be entitled to a full refund or a seat in the next available slot. 
(g)        No training class will be held when the typhoon signal No.8 or above/Black Storm Warning is hoisted. Classes will be postponed with further notice. ( Kindly refer to our HAFFA website: http://www.haffa.com.hk/files/Typhoon%20and%20Black%20Rain%20Signal%20Class%20Arrangement.pdf)

  • Cancellations/Amendments/Refunds

(a)      Cancellation/amendment can be made only 1 time FREE of charge on the application when the Acceptance Letter is issued. After that, and administration fee of HK$50.- will be charged for each approved amendment/cancellation. No guarantee on amendments could be made within 2 working days before the start date of the Exam.
(b)      Request for Cancellations/Change of Exam date, after application deadline and prior to the commencement of the Exam, will require to provide also a written explanation to HAFFA for approval. HAFFA may in its sole discretion and without assigning any reason for its decision approve or reserve a seat for the enrollee in future Exam or refuse any such application for cancellation.
(c)       On the day of the exam, no refund will be given.


[Download Special DGA
Self Study Exam Enrolment Form for "Enroll Together: RAR class + DGA Self-Study Exam"]

 Additional Remarks:

  1. One-time offer only when submitting the RAR training course application.
  2. Apply only to the same RAR attendee ONCE; NO substitution of seat is available for DGA Self-study Exam.
  3. The fee is non-refundable unless the Exam is cancelled by the Association.
  4. Administration fee for approved change of RAR class (i.e. $300@) and/or name of attendee (i.e. $100@) will follow the policy of RAR Training. Kindly note that the change of RAR class date means also change to the same date of DGA Exam. If there is a request for change of date for either RAR class or DGA Exam, such special offer will be terminated in this case, that means the applicant shall pay for the DGA Self Study Exam at $103 @ and a copy of DGA Manual at $27.


DGA Self-Study Manual 

The New edition (2019 edition) of Self-Study Manual is now available 

Please note that the previous edition (Year 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017 edition) had been stopped for use with immediate effect. For all DGA Self Study Exam, only the new version (Year 2019 edition) will be allowed.
The Self-Study Manual is approved by the CAD, printed in colour, with case studies, self-study exercises, DG labels and relevant pictures for better understanding.

The Manual will have two versions: Chinese and English.  

  • Order Form – Manual is available for orders! 

HAFFA Member: [MS Word Format] / [PDF Format

NON-HAFFA Member: [MS Word Format] / [PDF Format]  

  • Content and Suggested Time allocation 



Study Guide


10 minutes





20 minutes

Chapter 1




30 minutes

Chapter 2




120 minutes

Chapter 3




60 minutes

Chapter 4


Packing and Identification


20 minutes

Chapter 5


Marking and Labeling


40 minutes

Chapter 6


Storage and Loading


20 minutes

Chapter 7


Dangerous Goods Emergency Response


40 minutes





360 minutes



Range of





Bulk Purchase


Bulk Purchase


$30.0 @





$30.0 @

5% off
(i.e. $28 @)


5% off
(i.e. $33 @)


$30.0 @

10% off
(i.e. $27 @)


10% off
(i.e. $31 @)


$30.0 @

15% off
(i.e. $25 @)


15% off
(i.e. $29 @)

  • Further Information

To get the DGA Certificate, after carefully studied the material, participants must sit for and pass an Examination offered by HAFFA at a fee. Please click here to register for the Exam.

  • Remark: 

Self-arranged collection of the Manual at HAFFA Office is required. You may collect it with your company chop when submitting the enrollment form with payment in full (not applicable to pre-sale order).
The collection should be made as soon as possible. Kindly note that HAFFA will only keep your order(s) within ONE (1) MONTH of your payment submission. For the case of Early bird order, HAFFA Secretariat will inform you by fax/email the collection date, and HAFFA will keep your order within ONE (1) MONTH of this date. After such, your order will be declared void without notification in advance, NO refund will be made in this case and the discount offer (if any) will be terminated in this case.
The program is prepared by Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Limited. (HAFFA). No part of this program may be reproduced, recast, reformatted or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying without the prior written permission of HAFFA. 



HAFFA DG Awareness Corner (Information including FAQs)  [Click Here]




Sample Form: Internal Training Records (Bilingual version)


To facilitate you or your HR/training department to monitor the internal progress of DGA training, HAFFA has prepared a sample form of internal training records for Members’ easy reference.  Members may consider modifying the format and content of the sample so as to accommodate your unique procedures of administration and operations.  The subject has been sent to the CAD for their information, and trust that it will facilitate you when preparing your internal training records for possible inspection by the CAD.  You may download the soft copy of the sample form from hyperlink below:

http://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Page/Default.aspx?id=540 [Member Only]


Sample Form of Deed of Indemnity: Applicability of Dangerous Goods Training Requirements to Staff of Vendors or Subcontractors of Freight Forwarders


According to CAD's preiovus advice, staff of freight forwarder company’s vendors or subcontractors (e.g. trucking, logistics or warehousing company), who perform a duty on behalf of forwarders company commensurate with functions of Cat 4 and Cat 5 personnel, should also receive similar dangerous goods awareness training, while with the Cat 5 personnel using different measures.  Members are strongly recommended to ensure compliance with the CAD requirements and it is advisable that appropriate conditions be put into the contract between the freight forwarders and the vendors or subcontractors, to the effect that the latter will arrange their Cat 4 and Cat 5 personnel to receive such training.


In order to facilitate Members in the aspect of contract, HAFFA has consulted our legal advisor and a form of Deed of Indemnity was prepared for Members’ reference purpose only [Both Chinese and English versions - Member Only]. Members should read the Explanatory Notes and send to your subcontractor the Form of Deed of Indemnity if deemed appropriate. Please note HAFFA makes no recommendation for the adoption of the form or any part of it. Suitability and adequacy of the form or any part of it depend on individual circumstance and requirements. Before using any part of the form, Members are advised to seek your own professional legal advice with regard to the suitability.  When concluding any new contract, Members may make suitable cross reference to this form of Deed. Alternatively, if considered appropriate, the relevant provisions can be set out in such contract.

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