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·       PowerPoint Materials and Photos


The 2nd HAFFA Member Consultation Meeting on AFR and LFC was successfully held on 24 October 2017. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participating Members for having taken the time out of your hectic schedule to join this important meeting and voiced out your valuable views during the Q&A sessions.  

To protect Members’ best interests, HAFFA has been striving for withholding IATA AFR through different channels and/or mitigating the impact of its implementation, henceAFR has been suspended in Hong Kong for 6 years till now; we shall continue to represent your interests, give our best endeavor to provide insights and essential information for you to make an informed decision in these difficult times. 

For the sake of easy reference, the PowerPoint material of the IATA and HAFFA presentations had been uploaded onto the HAFFA website. Members please login the HAFFA website and download the files from the Special Circular dated 25 October 2017


[After login] http://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Page/Default.aspx?id=1108



For Members that were not able to attend the meeting yesterday, you may look at the IATA and HAFFA PPT to better understand the issues of AFR and LFC.


Please note we have revised the HAFFA PPT so you may find the latest understanding regarding:

1)  Concerns after compared current LFC and ICAP proposed LFC (PPT no. 22 -27).

2)  Options available after IATA agents did the reality check and concluded they are facing issues of unbearable costs and burdens (PPT 33 – 34).



·       FEEDBACK FORM: Need your valuable views – Support or Object to ICAP Proposed LFC (ICAP Best)

Ø   Send your Feedback Form to HAFFA by 15 November 2017 (Wed)

Ø   In case more time is needed, please inform the Secretariat


As announced many times at the Member Consultation Meeting, we would like to appeal to all Members (who are IATA Cargo Agents) for giving us your views through the attached Feedback Form. The HAFFA Executive Committee will base on the majority views of Members to make the final decision.


Members’ attention is drawn to the following points:

Ø   Each member company (who are IATA Cargo Agents) to submit one Feedback Form only.

Ø   Suggestions on how to do assessment before completing the Feedback Form (see HAFFA Special Circular dated 25 October 2017)

Ø   Please make sure to answer question 6, i.e. to indicate whether your company will support or object to the ICAP Proposed LFC.

Ø   If your company supports the ICAP Proposed LFC, IATA advised at the meeting yesterday that you may suggest minor changes to the proposed LFC.  In this connection, please give your suggestion, if any, by answering question 7.

Ø   Please return the completed Feedback Form on or before 15 November 2017 (Wednesday). In case more time is needed, please call Ms. Lim at 2796 3121 or email to secretariat@haffa.com.hk.



Members please login the HAFFA website and download the Feedback Form from the Special Circular dated 25 October 2017


[After login] http://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Page/Default.aspx?id=1108

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