Ref       : HAFFA News 32 (2009-2010)

Date     : 08 September 2009


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Fraudulence Case


·      Need your Urgent Attention: Fraudster used the name of HAFFA to get private information


Recently our Members have reported to HAFFA that a fraudster pretends to be a staff from the HAFFA secretariat, uses telephone correspondence to troll for and reel in potential victims from HAFFA members, whose companies’ names may be drawn from a variety of sources including professional directories, newspapers and trade websites.


See below for details of action of the fraudster:


1.       A fraudster pretends to be a staff of the HAFFA secretariat and is therefore calling different HAFFA member companies to request for personal email address of senior executives (e.g. Managing Director) of the companies.


2.       All affected members then ask for the reason but the fraudster does not provide the answer and starts to use very rude tactics to urge for the information. All affected members decline to provide such information and then call HAFFA to report about the case.


3.       So far, one member company has written down the contact details of the fraudster as below for your information:


Telephone: 5166-3921


Members please note:

With an aim to prevent crime, HAFFA has reported this to the Police. And in this connection, we would like to draw your kind attention that all HAFFA staff will NEVER contact your office and ask you to disclose private information of your company or senior executive without sending you a formal letter/circular explaining the reason for your consideration.


If you receive a request purportedly from HAFFA and in doubt, please remember to do the followings:


(1)   Do not disclose any information via telephone before verifying the authenticity of the calling party.


(2)     If you receive a telephone call purportedly from HAFFA, then ask to call him/her back.  Before doing so, verify that the given telephone number is genuine by mark down the caller’s number (usually on the telephone screen) and/or request the caller to provide both his/her full name and telephone number. Check with HAFFA by calling tel: 2796-3121 immediately.



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