• ISAC - HWAB Data Submission Time & An Appeal System for Affected Agents
  • ISAC Data Transmission Guidelines
  • ISAC - Traxon Analysis of the ISAC Monitoring Program

      17 July 2002

    1. ISAC-HWAB Data Submission Time & An Appeal System for Affected Agents

      Refer to previous News #26/2001-2002, the Association received complaints from Members regarding the HAWB data reprocessing fee charged by Airlines. Members claimed such charge is levied even though they have submitted the HAWB data on time via ISAC. It was suspected that the late, incomplete and/or inaccurate HAWB data might be caused by some discrepancies during data transmission via Traxon. HAFFA has therefore conducted many surveys and held meetings with Airlines, HACTL, AAT and Traxon. Please find herewith below summarized results for members' guidance:

      A. Conferred with CLG, HAFFA will advise Members to make sure all HAWB data must arrive at the CTOs' system:

          1. Export : 15 minutes prior to agents' document submit to the airlines at the terminal.
          2. Import : 1.5 hours prior to flight arrival
          3. All data must be ACCURATE, COMPLETE AND ON TIME.

      B. Increasing incident of Trade's enquiry about insufficient HAWB data

      CLG has expressed concern about the increasing number of incident of insufficient HAWB data resulting Trade's enquiry. At present, CLG has no plan to levy charge on this matter. However CLG will closely monitor the situation and may consider to impose the charge if the situation is continued to deteriorate.

      C. Evidence provided by Airlines to Affected Agents on Written demand

      On written demand airline will provide to the affected agent the required information supporting the ISAC Charge. This is normally in the form of CNR history which indicate the work done by the airlines.

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    2. ISAC Data Transmission Guidelines

      The Secretariat was receiving, for some times, cases of ISAC submitted by Members that they were being charged by the airlines of $25- reprocessing fee even though they had input the required data. The Airfreight sub-committee had earlier discussed with CLG, HACTL and AAT and all parties agreed official record supporting the ISAC charge provide on written demand by members would help the affected agents to improve the data quality.

      To stay on a more pro-active side, official guidelines have been gathered from all parties including HACTL, AAT, TRAXON and CUSTOMS & EXCISE DEPT. We have put up the captioned summary as attached. This will be a piece of vital information for you should there be any charges occur. We suggest you to circulate it amongst your operational staff and hopefully this will enhance the efficiency of your ISAC data submission in the future.

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    3. ISAC - Traxon Analysis of the ISAC Monitoring Program

      For Traxon users, Traxon undertook to execute a one-month monitoring program for their users whom are being charged for the reprocessing fee. Weˇ¦re delighted to enclose herewith a summary of findings from Traxon for your kind perusal.

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