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Updated: 15 November 2021


Dangerous Goods Regulations - Recurrent with radioactive (RDG)
(for Category 1 and 3 Personnel)


Organizer /
Registration /

Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding And Logistics Limited (HAFFA) 
Address: 8/F, China HK Ctr, 122-126 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN
Telephone: 2796 3121; email: training@haffa.com.hk

Target Audience

  • For HAFFA & Non-HAFFA Members
  • Category 1 and 3 include: Shippers & packers and freight forwarders.
  • Personnel involved in processing DG, i.e. DIRECT checking of packaging, marking, labelling & documentation of DG

Medium of Instruction

Conduct in Cantonese with English course materials


Examination at the end of the course

Venue / Region



HAFFA Member




HAFFA Conference Room / TST

3 days




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Discounted Price: 


(applicable to year 2022 class)


(applicable to year 2022 class)



MATF Subsidy#
(Application only by individuals)

Up to $1,840
(After subsidy - Least Amount: $460)

From 2022:
Up to $1,920
(After subsidy - Least Amount: $480)

 Up to $1,952
(After subsidy - Least Amount: $488)

From 2022:
 Up to $2,032
(After subsidy - Least Amount: $508)


#For details:  

Good News!  We are delighted to announce that all students who are going to enroll in our DG/RDG class can purchase the latest edition of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations via HAFFA Training School. Please find details below for your kind reference :

Product: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 63rd Edition 2022 (Regular Bound English version) [applicable to DG/RDG students only]

Price: HK$ 2,080/each

Collection Method: You may either collect during class (if apply earlier) or at HAFFA during office hour) (e-mail notification will be sent to student individually for manual collection

Order Method: Make order when fill out the course enrolment form (add extra HK$ 2,080 to the course fee)

Payment: Cheque made payable to "HAFFA"

Remarks: NO cancellation is allowed once order is received 


2021 - 2022

Class Code

Class Date

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment Status*








26 - 28 Jan 2022 (Wed-Fri)

28 - 30 Mar 2022 (Mon-Wed)

12 - 14 Apr 2022 (Tue-Thu)

27 - 29 Jun 2022 (Mon-Wed)

25 - 27 Jul 2022 (Mon-Wed)

21 - 23 Sep 2022 (Wed-Fri)

19 - 21 Dec 2022 (Mon-Wed)

12 Jan 2022 (Wed)

14 Mar 2022 (Mon)

29 Mar 2022 (Tue)

13 Jun 2022 (Mon)

11 Jul 2022 (Mon)

7 Sep 2022 (Wed)

5 Dec 2022 (Mon)





Not Open for Reg.

Not Open for Reg.

Not Open for Reg.

[Fill in HAFFA Pre-Enrollment Online Form]

* Enrolment status will be updated on a weekly basis, if possible.

Status will be shown either in one of the following code: "Available", "Full", "Closed", "Not Open for Registration" or "Cancelled".


Q1 How can I apply for the course?

Q2 How do I enjoy the Member’s price?

Q3 Can I reserve a seat for the course?

Q4 Can I pay in cash or cheque?

Q5 How do I know if I have successfully enrolled in the course?

Q6 What do I need to bring to class?

Cancellations/ Amendment/ Refunds

Q7 Can I modify the content of my application form?

Q8 Can I change the class that I enrolled?

Q9 Can I cancel my application?

Q10 Can I get a refund for not attending the course?

During the Course / Exam

Q11 What if I am late for the course or I will be absent for a session of the course?

Q12 What if I am late for the Examination?

Q13 Will the Class be cancelled under extreme weather conditions?

Q14 Can I take the Examination paper out of the Examination centre during or after the Examination?

Q15 Can I leave the Examination centre before the end of the Examination?

Q16 Can I talk to other candidate(s) during Examination?

Course Result

Q17 When will I receive the result of my course?

Q18 What if I fail the Examination? Can I ask for an appeal?

Q19 How/When do I collect my certificate?

Q20 How long does my certificate last?

Q21 Can I apply for re-issuance of certificate?























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