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Being the IATA Accredited School, we are pleased to provide to all graduates of our course the live link of the online validation tool for DGR certificates issued by HAFFA, just click into the link below and enter the unique certificate Serial Number/Code included in the DGR training course certificate issued by HAFFA:

We would like graduates to use this new tool as it ensures qualification credibility for you and it is a systematic validation tool accessible by all value chain stakeholders in the cargo industry.


Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL) – Qualifications Framework (QF)

  • Professional qualifications on handling insurance and claims in Logistics Industry
  • 貨運物流保險及索償專業資歷

Based on the SCS formulated by the Logistics Industry, the RPL mechanism will be conducted in the form of clusters of units. The practitioners in the Logistics Industry may decide on the level of qualification for the clusters they wish to apply for recognition based on their prior working experience and relevant experience.  Among those clusters of units, there are 8 clusters (see table below, Chinese version only) involving the handling of cargo insurance and claims which are well accepted by the industry.


The practitioners in the Logistics Industry who handle cargo insurance and claims and/or employees in the notary firm who hold the abovementioned qualifications, their professional level is being recognized accordingly.  

Members are highly encouraged to 

  1. arrange your staff who handle insurance and claims to apply the abovementioned 8 clusters for such qualifications
  2. select the notary services which their staff obtained these qualification



Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 過往資歷認可


Basic Step of applying RPL recognition and reimbursement:

Select Clusters of Units of Competency – Logistics


Apply RPL assessments

(Application Form and Guidance: http://rpl.vtc.edu.hk/formdn.aspx?idIndex=61)

(Sample for Certification of years of service issued by employers:

(Fee Schedule: http://rpl.vtc.edu.hk/doc/ecost.pdf)

Successful completion of RPL assessments

Receive recognition

Apply Reimbursement for RPL assessments application fee
(Reimbursement Form: http://cra.vtc.edu.hk)

•   75% to be reimbursed upon successful completion of RPL assessments

•   25% to be reimbursed after completion of a QF-recognised training course





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