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Photocatalytic Sunlight Air Purifier Sunlight 納米光觸媒清菌除味空氣循環機
[4th Round] Bulk Buy Offer for Members [第四輪] 大量訂購折扣優惠

  • 2% off for the order of 10 sets of any models | 訂購10部可享98 (可不同型號)
  • 4% off for the order of 30 sets of any models | 訂購30可享96 (可不同型號)
  • 6% off for the order of 50 sets of any models | 訂購50可享94 (可不同型號)
  • Free gift of 1 set of the model SL220-250A for every 10 sets ordered by the same Member Company | 同一會員公司訂購10 (可不同型號) 可獲贈型號SL220-250A一部

In order to protect the health and disinfect cargo, we would like to share the subject products with Members as there is now a bulk buy offer.  Information provided by China Medtech International Limited that technologies were developed by Professor Zhong Nanshan (鍾南山教授) of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease (廣州呼吸疾病研究所 “呼研所”).  In photocatalytic air purifiers, the catalyst that cleans the air is typically titanium dioxide (二氧化鈦) and it’s energized by ultraviolet (UV) light.  Life span is expected to be 20,000 hours or 3 years.  Equipment can be installed in fridge, lift, meeting room, warehouse and so on for disinfection.  List of users including but not limited to:


You may find more information and the price list of the Sunlight Air Purifier (various models) from the below links:

Info: https://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Pub/PageFile.aspx?uid=3b57162c-5494-471d-b7c2-8b6af8951e4b

Price list: https://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Pub/PageFile.aspx?uid=689f0184-3c9f-47a9-b723-249929f532e6


For details, please contact Mr. Andy Woo of China Medtech International Limited at 9462 9115 directly. 


China Medtech International Limited explained that there is no retail of the products in Hong Kong.  In order to lessen the financial burden of Members, HAFFA liaised with the vendor to seek preferential package and they are willing to provide the subject bulk buy discount for Members.  Discount will be offered when HAFFA receives a total order of at least 10 sets (mixed types of models are allowed).  In this connection, interested Members please reply to the secretariat by email (event@haffa.com.hk) with the following information no later than 26 August 2022 (Friday):


  • Company Name
  • Contact Details (name, tel and email)
  • Types of models that you would like to order (please refer to the price list for details)
  • Quantities of each of the types that you would like to order 


We shall consolidate all the feedback from Members passing the deadline, and coordinate with the vendor and participating Members to proceed the order. If the total number of order HAFFA receives by then is below 10, there will be no discount.  The secretariat will inform participating Members individually in this case, and they will need to place order direct with the vendor if so wish.  For enquiries, please call Ms. Chan at Tel: 2796 3121.

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