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Member Benefits 會員優惠

Special offer of Disinfection services霧化消毒服務特別優惠


·      NEW item in HAFFA Members’ Benefit  會員優惠

·      Discount offer for Member Company for “One Time Santi-mist Disinfection Service”

·      會員公司專享「一次性深層霧化消毒服務」特別優惠


In response to the need of Members to cope with the challenging business environment under the outbreak of the COVID-19, we are delighted to offer NEW benefits to you on “One Time Santi-mist Disinfection Service” at the following special price exclusive for Members only.


Size of Space

Original Price


Special Offer for Members

1,000 ft or below




1,001 - 2,000 ft




2,001- 3,000 ft




3,001- 4,000 ft




4,001- 5000 ft




5,001 ft or above

Quotation by inquiry


Services would be provided by a 3rd party cleaning company (i.e., United Services), meanwhile residential and office areas are both applicable for the mentioned services. Other services such as pest control could also enjoy a Member discount on case-by-case basis. You may find more information of the service from the below links:


Services Details: https://www.haffa.com.hk/portal/Pub/PageFile.aspx?uid=1a56ea1c-4f4f-4498-9550-b32280c4cd83

Interested Members could contact United Services directly for their services and indicate "HAFFA Member".

Contact Person: Ms. Chan Tel: 9753 4575 / Mr. Ma Tel: 9663 6901

Email: unitedservices.hk.2022@gmail.com

For enquiries, please call the HAFFA Secretariat at Tel: 2796 3121.


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