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Share For Good 愛互送

Share for Good is Hong Kong’s first city-wide crowd donation platform. Initiated by New World Development, and launched in collaboration with Yan Chai Hospital and logistics companies, Share for Good instantly matches donors with the urgent needs of local communities online and, through 60 participating NGOs, facilitates safe and efficient delivery of supplies to all those in need. Share for Good welcomes all individuals and corporations to become part of its mission of sharing love and be a blessing in the community.
  • Disrupting the conventional one-way donation method by directly matching the needs of the underprivileged with a pool of donors
  • Targeted distribution of supplies to the underprivileged via NGO partners in the initiative with technology innovation
  • Seamless and secure pick up-and-delivery services via logistics partner such as Lalamove and SF Express Hong Kong
  • Empowering the community to help the community by canvassing support from individuals and corporations
  • An open platform that welcomes all individuals and corporate donors. Simply choose the way you want to donate (either “Cash only”, “Cash + items” or “All items only”) and select an NGO of choice to start donating
For details, please visit its website at: https://shareforgoodhk.com/ 

In order to encourage HAFFA Members to participate in such meaningful event, we have prepared the "Speical Donation Package" as incentive, please click "How to Donate / Enquiry" [Click here]. 

Donate Now!  
Share for Good.  Share the Love!
Alone we can do so little; together we can help the vulnerable!

How it Works

Urgent Items - What We Need In Times of COVID

How to Donate / Enquiry

1. Interested Members can consider making donation either by “Cash only”, “Cash + items” or “All items only” to your selected NGO (see the list of NGOs at https://shareforgoodhk.com/ngos

2. Please contact Ms Camus Chung of New World Development (NWD) at:
       Tel: 3110-4702 
       Email: camuschung@nwd.com.hk 

3. And TELL her "You are a HAFFA Member", Ms Chung and her teammates will assist you all the way to do the needful:
  • either “Cash only”, “Cash + items” or “All items only”
  • select your choice of NGO
  • payment method and official receipt
  • logistics method (for items donation)
  • thank you letter from Member’s choice of NGO 
  • and others (if any)
4. HAFFA Secretariat will be informed by NWD later about your donation.

    * No administrative fees will be charged throughout the process
    * Logistics costs will be borne by NWD and Lalamove/SF Express Hong Kong

For enquiry on Share for Good, please contact Ms Camus Chung by the above contacts. 

For enquiry on “Special Donation Package for HAFFA Members”, please contact HAFFA Secretariat at tel: 2796 3121 or by email: secretariat@haffa.com.hk.


Acknowledgement to HAFFA Members


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