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Promoting Hong Kong 

Promotional video on Hong Kong’s logistics industry produced by InvestHK 

Press Release: Hong Kong Sends its Biggest Welcome to the World: "Hello Hong Kong" Launched Today with 500,000 Free Air Tickets and City-Wide Offers

Hong Kong Productivity Council 香港生產力促進局 (HKPC)

"SME ReachOut” 「中小企資援組」


A dedicated service team entitled “SME ReachOut” run by HKPC has commenced operation starting 1 January 2020 to support SMEs.  The team proactively reaches SMEs to promote government funding schemes through a wide range of seminars, outreach activities and exhibitions.  They provide specific advisory support to local SMEs and help them to identify applicable schemes to their business and guide them throughout the funding application process, on five popular funding schemes in particular.  For details, please click [website]  [leaflet].


"Hello SME ReachOut"

Introduction of the services

生產力局 SME ReachOut「中小企資援組」




2788 6868 (2 in 1 Hotline and WhatsApp)








One-on-one consultation meeting (Free of charge)

>>> Online Reservation


  • 協助中小企配對合適政府資助計劃
  • 「一對一」諮詢服務
  • 指導中小企填寫申請表格

Just in case Members have questions about running business or technical transformation related enquiry, please also feel free to call/whatsapp HKPC at the above 2in1 Hotline: 2788 6868.  HKPC will facilitate you to the right contacts for learning more on the suitable solutions.

Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme (Aviation) 2022 海運和航空業實習計劃(航空)
Transport And Housing Bureau
運輸及房屋局 (THB)

  • Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) contributes 75% or $7,000 of the monthly honorarium (whichever is lower) paid by the participating companies to the student interns for an internship period up to three months          
  • 海運及空運人才培訓基金向提供實習職位的公司津貼實習生每月酬金的75%7,000(兩者以較低者為準),上限為三個月
  • Registration deadline: at least TWO (2) months before the commencement of the internship
  • 登記截止日期: 須最少於實習開始兩個月前 

Member please be informed that the Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme (Aviation) 2022 is now open for registration.  Funded by the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) under THB, the programme contributes up to 75% or $7,000 (whichever is lower) towards each student’s monthly honorarium for an internship period up to three months. THB is now inviting companies to participate in the Internship Scheme by offering internship places this year.  The Internship Scheme (Aviation) will cover registered internship places taken up by a student who is – 

  1. a Hong Kong resident;
  2. lawfully employable in Hong Kong; and 
  3. a non-final year full time local students a non-final year full-time local student studying any undergraduate or sub-degree programme of the eight University Grants Committee-funded (UGC-funded) education institutions, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK), Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU), the Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) and the Vocational Training Council (VTC) OR a secondary six school leaver. 

The Internship Scheme is one of the Government's initiatives under the MATF to provide the young generation with an early exposure to the wide spectrum of career opportunities in the aviation and maritime sectors so as to encourage them to join the sector after graduation.  You may visit its website for more details. 

Companies’ Registration  Form (English version only)

FAQs for Companies: 
[English] [中文

Procedural Flowchart (Aviation) (English version only)

Should Members be interested to offer intern positions, please complete and return the registration form by e-mail  internship_matf@thb.gov.hk. Generally, registration should be made with the MATF at least two months before the commencement of an internship. For enquiry, please call the MATF hotline at 3509 7261 or by email to matf@thb.gov.hk.

It is noted
there is no obligation to fill all registered places if companies are unable to select sufficient number of suitable candidates. Therefore, Members are highly recommended to consider applying for this internship scheme as a support to enhance the flexibility of your human resources plan in coming months, please act now!

Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS)  

HAFFA Form of Trading Conditions and Logistics Services Agreement 
  • Please contact the HAFFA secretariat enquiry@haffa.com.hk if you would like to obtain a copy of HAFFA Form of Trading Conditions (December 2008 - Template Only) and / or HAFFA Form of Logistics Services Agreement (March 2013 - Template Only).

CIFA and CMAC Released Freight Forwarding Model Agreement on 26 April 2016



·       Maritime Directory 海事指南


To promote the diversity of Hong Kong’s maritime services and facilitate access to our maritime community, HKMPB makes a maritime directory available to the public, containing information of relevant companies and organisations. Listing on the maritime directory is voluntary and free of charge for all maritime-and-port-related companies and organisations which have office(s) in Hong Kong. As a member of maritime-related company, you may consider submitting your company’s information to HKMPB [submission form]. 




·       APEC Services Trade Access Requirements (STAR) Database

·       A business-friendly, on-line tool to help services providers take advantage of new export opportunities in the 21 APEC member economies


The APEC Services Trade Access Requirements (STAR) Database provides an easy-to-use one-stop route to identify whether and how a company can compete in every one of the 21 APEC member economies. It helps to identify the requirements to trade with and invest in other APEC economies The STAR Database covers eight services sectors including distribution services and transport and logistics services. Users can quickly discover at ease the licences needed, tax rules, visa requirements, foreign exchange issues, incorporation requirements – and the restrictions that might be in place. To access the STAR Database, please click into the following hyperlink: http://www.servicestradeforum.org/SearchforRequirements.aspx




Useful Telephone Number 常用查詢電話 
  • Emergency contacts in case there is any DG incident/accident happened during road transport within the Airport Area 
  •     1) Fire Services Departmen
              Airport Fire Contingent 
              Division Commander 'Air'(Senior Divisional Officer) - Tel: 21835333 
              Rescue Control - Tel: 21839576 
              CLK Fire Station - Tel: 29499081 

        2) Airport Operations Control Centre - Tel: 21818110 

Other Useful Links 其他網站連結 

How to establish a Freight Forwarding Company in Hong Kong? 

How to start a branch


In order to operate a business in Hong Kong, no matter whether it is a Freight Forwarding Company or other nature of business, the operator shall apply to the Government for licences such as  Business Registration and Certificate of Incorporation. However, it is not essential to get affiliation with any government or semi-government authority. If you wish to start a new business, the government staff as suggested below could help you find out which licences you need, including permits, certificates, approvals and many more.  You may visit the following websites to get more information:  


i) HK Business Licence Information Centre

https://www.success.tid.gov.hk/tid/eng/blics/index.jsp or http://www.success.tid.gov.hk for more information on various services available to the small and medium enterprises. 


ii) Business & Trade User Group of GovHK

http://www.gov.hk/en/business for government information and services in relation to business and trade.  


iii) InvestHK

http://www.investhk.gov.hk for investment information and support of establishing your new lives in Hong Kong. 

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