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·     25 April 2023 (Tuesday) at Sheraton HK Hotel & Towers, TST 尖沙嘴香港喜來登酒店 (NEW VENUE)

·     Reply Deadline: 11 April 2023 (Tuesday)


After three long years of government restrictions and the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we are delighted to inform you that the AGM this year will be held physically and has been scheduled as per follows:-



25 April 2023 (Tuesday)


Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers 香港喜來登酒店

Grand Ballroom, 3/F, 20 Nathan Road, TST [Map]





Tentative Programme Rundown:

8:00 a.m.

Registration and Breakfast Buffet



9:00 a.m.

AGM starts and Election of Executive Committee



9:15 a.m.

Guest Presentation

Tapping the Opportunities of the ‘Nanshan Plan’ for the Hong Kong Freight and Logistics Industry- TBC


Speaker: Mr. Raymond Yip 葉澤恩先生 - Confirmed

Chief Liaison Officer 首席聯絡官

Guangzhou Nansha Service Centre in Hong Kong 廣州南沙新區香港服務中心


9:45 a.m.

Guest Presentation

“Government’s Funding Scheme for Freight Forwarding & Logistics Industry” - TBC


Speaker: Ms. Vivian Lin 林芷君女士 - Confirmed

Chief Operating Officer 首席營運總監

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) 香港生產力促進局



10:15 a.m.

Announcement of Election Results



10:30 a.m.

End of AGM

(I)  Online Reply Form: Appointment of Authorised Representative from HAFFA member company | 網上回條:會員公司委任代表出席周年會員大會


1.    Documents

Please find enclose herewith the following documents for your kind perusal and handling:

-          Notice of AGM

-  HAFFA Audited Accounts [please login the HAFFA website first] for the year as at 12/31/2022


-        Online Reply Form: Appointment of Authorised Representative from HAFFA member company

(Kindly bear in mind attendant to the AGM should be from the Senior Management Office)


Please submit the duly signed Online Reply Form to the HAFFA Office BEFORE 11 April 2023 (Tuesday).  Only ONE representative from each Member company is expected (i.e. one free seat for each Member company), whoever wishes to send more than one participant is required to pay for breakfast at HK$538.- /person to help defray the cost.  If you wish to do so, please register in advance by completing the online form together with payment to HAFFA.


2.    Points to note when completing the AGM Online Reply Form

Ø     Section A of the Reply Form: Attending HAFFA AGM 2023

If there will be NO representative from your company to attend the AGM, you also need to submit the duly signed form by ticking the box:


We regret to inform HAFFA that there will be no representative from our company to attend the AGM本公司將不會有代表出席年大會。


Ø    Section D of the Reply Form: Registration of Management Personnel’s Email Address

If the authorized representative or additional participant(s) joining AGM is NOT one of the management personnel listed in the current HAFFA Members’ Directory, your company is required to register the email address of one of the listed management personnel, i.e. the person DECIDES which candidates to vote for, so he/she will receive the relevant AGM notifications and the final voting record to be submitted by his/her authorized representative at the AGM (containing a list of selected candidate companies).


Ø    Section E of the Reply Form: NOT Standing for Election as HAFFA Committee Member

If your company does not wish to stand for election as Committee Member for the term 2023-2025, you are kindly requested to tick the box:


We do not wish to stand for election to be a HAFFA Committee Member (Term: 2023-2025).  本公司不希望參選成為HAFFA委員會委員(任期: 2023-2025)


By ticking this box on the Reply Form, your company name will NOT be shown on the candidate list.  This would assist us greatly to prepare the relevant election documents.


3.    Two FREE Seats for the Annual Gala Dinner 2024

As a reminder, latecomers AFTER 9:30 a.m. on 25 April 2023 will NOT be given the QR code of their unique e-Ballot for on-line voting and their attendance will NOT be counted.  Therefore they and absentees for AGM will NOT be eligible to obtain the two free seats for the Annual Gala Dinner 2024.


Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact Ms. Lim at 2796 3121.


(II)  Submission of Election Platform | 遞交參選政綱  


·   Need your participation: Submit your Election Platform (參選政綱) should you be interested in being a candidate for the HAFFA Executive Committee Members for the term of 2023-2025



·     Submission deadline 政綱截止遞交日期: 11 April 2023 (Tuesday)


It’s reasonable to believe that Members who join HAFFA, do so with full intention of getting something in return and if, in the process, a contribution can be made, then so much the better.  Despite under existing pressures of workloads and responsibilities, ranks of busy executives being willing to get involved in the HAFFA Executive Committee are growing and the Committee consists of companies of all sizesFor the well-being of the Committee, it was resolved to invite any Members who are interested in being a candidate for the HAFFA Executive Committee to submit their election platforms.  Such information will be circulated to all HAFFA Members at least 5 business days before the forthcoming AGM via News, whereby all Member voters can better understand their candidates’ capabilities and willingness to contribute to HAFFA.


Interested Members please fill out the attached form and return it to the HAFFA office by email (AGM@haffa.com.hk) on or before 11 April 2023 (Tuesday).  Due to the fact that the AGM election is on company basis, please note each company is allowed to submit one form only. For further enquiry, please call Ms. Lim at 2796 3121.


Member Companies confirm that they have read in detail, understood and agreed to abide by the participants' instructions/rules and regulations set by HAFFA. And Member Companies consent to the use of their personal data provided on the online reply form in accordance with HAFFA’s Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement.  

This website and registration system is maintained by HAFFA and contains information provided by HAFFA from time to time.  Personal data shall be collected directly by HAFFA and proceeded per HAFFA’s Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement through the use of this website and registration system.  Users are advised to read HAFFA Privacy Policy before providing any personal data and continuing with the reservation/registration process. 

Member Companies declare that their participant(s) registered on the online reply form are in good physical condition and his/her/their health is/are fit for the subject event. If there is any loss or injury or casualty accident occurred during the event, Member Companies clearly stated that they are responsible and no responsibility will be held to the individual and/or organization of the organizer.

After submitting the online reply slip, Member Companies understood that they shall receive a separate email with the details submitted by their company, which is regarded as the final submission.

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