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HAFFA Best Practice

  • HAFFA BP001 : HAFFA Proposed Guidelines and Practice Checklist for the Handling of Export Cargo (HAFFA PGPC) - Member Only on 19 Sep 2007
  • HAFFA BP002 : Guidance for Change of Company Name * on 04 Jul 2017 
    (* Only apply to those Members whose change of company name do not affect (1) the shareholders, (2) number of share held by each shareholder & (3) the financial aspect of the company.)
  • HAFFA BP003 : ISAC
    - ISAC-HAWB Data Submission Time & An Appeal System for Affected Agents
        - ISAC Data Transmission Guidelines
        - Traxon Analysis of the ISAC Monitoring Program
        - Summary of the common errors submitted by agents for shipments to/via US and EU compiled by AAT
    on 08 Mar 2011
        - Reference Link: Postal code of different countries
    on 08 Mar 2011
  • HAFFA BP004 : CLG Letter to HAFFA regarding Adhesive Tape Used on Airlines' Containers
  • HAFFA BP005 : How to tackle the Problem of Human Smuggling [English] [中文]
  • HAFFA BP006 : Alert Fraudster used the name of HAFFA to get private information
  • HAFFA BP007 : Forwarder using terms for "c/o (care of )" & "o/b (on behalf of)" [Member Only]
  • HAFFA BP008 : Training Video for the ULD Build Up
  • HAFFA BP009 : Recommendation for Members to take photos of labels, marks & number for each type of commodity during cargo acceptance [Member Only]
  • HAFFA BP010 : Checklist for Member Companies to Audit Warehouse Vendors / Sub-contractors [Member Only]
  • HAFFA BP011 : BP for SOLAS VGM - Marine Department’s advice on the liability issues under the expression of “O/B” “ABC Forwarder on behalf of...” and “C/O” “....care of ABC Forwarder” on Bills of Lading [Member Only]
  • HAFFA BP012 : BP for SOLAS VGM - Recommendation for Members that handle FCL containers or outsource the services (physical cargo acceptance, weighing and consolidation) to the CFS warehouses and use METHOD 2 for mass verification with Certificate Sample [Member Only]
  • HAFFA BP013 : BP for SOLAS VGM - Guidelines for Members to fill out the Container Mass Declaration under different modes of operation [Member Only]
  • HAFFA BP015 : Strategic Commodities - Recommendations for Members to perform reasonable due diligence for shipment handling [Member Only]

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